Libs to fire 2000 Canberrans to fill their $400m black

More than 2000 Canberrans will lose their jobs if the Liberals win the next ACT Election, new analysis of their $400 million black hole shows.

Nurses and teachers will be in the firing line if the impact of the $400m Liberal black hole is spread proportionally across the ACT public service, with the larger health and education budgets bearing the brunt of the Liberal cuts.


We know Liberals love to sack Canberrans. Abbott and Hockey sacked thousands. Meanwhile Liberal state governments have uniformly fired public servants – 12,800 in Queensland, 10,000 in New South Wales, 4200 in Victoria and 1000 in Western Australia.


By sharing out the Liberal black hole across the ACT Budget, the cumulative, four year impact of the cuts required is plain to see. Salaries make up almost half the budget (49 per cent), so at least $195m of Liberal cuts will have to be from jobs.


Of course if they decide to make up more of their savings from Canberrans’ salaries or the black hole is bigger than our very conservative estimates, then more nurses, teachers, fire fighters and other public servants will lose their jobs.


As the biggest investment in the budget, health will be hardest hit, with around 680 staff to go – and with most staff working on the front line that means hundreds nurses disappearing from hospital wards.


Next on the Liberals’ hit list will be our teachers. More than 530 education staff will be sacked, so hundreds of teachers will be torn from our classrooms. And with the ACT Government funding non-government schools, the Liberals’ cuts will be felt in Catholic and independent school classrooms too.


To pay for their $400 million budget black hole, the Canberra Liberals will have to sack at least 2075 Canberrans. But this is the best case scenario. If the cost of ripping up the light rail contract is at the more-likely upper end of Treasury calculations and if they choose to make all their savings from salaries, as many as 5000 government employees will lose their jobs to fund the Liberals’ promises.


The Liberals have to explain where they will find their mythical millions. Tearing up the light rail contract means spending hundreds of millions to get nothing. It’s a black hole not the blank cheque the Liberals pretend it is. So who will they sack and what will they cut? It’s time they came clean.