Canberra filmmakers strike major deal with Asian producer

In a coup for the Canberra film industry, Canberra companies JIA Films and SilverSun Pictures have entered into a partnership with China's Yuezhong Picture that has the potential to deliver $50 million of productions in the next decade.

I was pleased to join Cindy Li, CEO of JIA Films Australia, Andrew Marriott, CEO of SilverSun Pictures as well as other representatives from the Canberra film industry in Shenzhen following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which will see JIA Films, SilverSun Pictures and Yuezhong Pictures develop and co-produce multiple feature films and other screen projects over the next decade.

The collaboration of these three companies is a tangible example of the strengthening Canberra-Shenzhen relationship, and is evidence of our growing business and cultural ties. It also illustrates the numerous opportunities that exist for Canberra companies to gain access to and compete in international markets.

Andrew Marriott said that the MOU is a significant commitment to the Canberra economy and a watershed moment for SilverSun Pictures. He said

We expect the first production under the MOU will be Aodaliya Gold, or Australia Gold in English, a $15 million feature film based on the life of Australia’s only Chinese bushranger. The production, written by Canberra writer Robert Macklin, will be primarily filmed in the Canberra region and will offer new and interesting opportunities for local film practitioners and support services.  

This relationship is the culmination of years of work by Cindy to establish her company and builds on the success JIA Films enjoyed in China and has now brought to Australia. We are very pleased to be working in collaboration with JIA Films, and look forward to bringing Chinese-Australian productions to Canberra to help build a vibrant local film industry.”

The ACT Government’s visit to Shenzhen reinforces our commitment to the Memorandum of Understanding for Friendship Exchange and Economic Cooperation which was signed by out two governments in October 2014.

I congratulate JIA Films and SilverSun Pictures and I look forward to seeing Australian and local stories retold on the big screen.

JIA Films Australia  was established in Canberra in 2012 by Canberra based Chinese-born film producer and director Cindy Jia Li. SilverSun Pictures, established in Canberra in 1995, is an award winning television and film production company having worked on local, national and international productions over its 20 years.

You can watch the Aodaliya Gold Feature Trailer below: