Andrew Barr

Andrew believes in modern Labor values of responsible economic management and progressive social reform.

Andrew Barr is a proud Canberran, social progressive, economic reformer, sports lover and the current Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). When he is not busy being Chief Minister, Andrew enjoys watching any of Canberra’s sporting teams including the Brumbies, the Capitals and the Raiders. He is a self-described Hawthorn FC tragic and enjoys watching the Hawks when he can find the time.

Andrew has lived in 15 suburbs throughout Canberra over 39 years including Macgregor, Flynn, Kambah, Torrens, Stirling, Chapman, Hawker, Fraser, Florey, Campbell, O’Connor, Pearce, Barton and Braddon. He currently lives with his partner Anthony in Dickson.

Born in Lismore New South Wales and raised in Canberra, Andrew attended numerous schools throughout the capital including Holt Preschool, the Association of Modern Education (AME) School, Turner Primary School, Lyneham High School and Lake Ginninderra College.

After high school, Andrew enrolled at the Australian National University (ANU), graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (Policy Studies), having studied political science, economics and economic history. While at university Andrew was active in student politics, working as the ANU student treasurer.

Upon graduation from ANU, Andrew worked for Federal parliamentarian Annette Ellis and later future Chief Minister Jon Stanhope, before moving to the private sector to work for former media company Rehame. He started as a humble Canberra account manager in February 2000 looking after public service departments, Canberra Airport and some NGOs.

Andrew wants to see the evolution and renewal of Canberra, which has already been named the world's most liveable city, continue for years to come.

As Chief Minister, he is working toward greater integration and connection between Canberra’s suburbs through public transport and upgrades to local shopping precincts to create a culture and city that reflects the pride Canberrans feel in their home.

Andrew has been a member of the ACT Legislative Assembly since April 2006, and Chief Minister of the ACT since December 2014. He is also the ACT Treasurer, as well as the Minister for Economic Development and Minister for Tourism and Major Events.

Andrew has comprehensive experience of the workings of the ACT Government having previously been Minister for Housing, Minister for Community Services, Minister for Planning, and Minister for Children and Young People and Minister for Education and Training. As Education Minister Andrew had the opportunity to visit almost every school in the ACT including all his previous educational haunts.

Andrew believes in the modern Labor values of responsible economic management and progressive social reform. His priorities in the Legislative Assembly and as Chief Minister of the ACT, include promoting Canberra's economic development and investing in public infrastructure such as hospitals, public transport, schools and sport facilities.