ACT Labor to increase funding in ScreenACT

A re-elected ACT Labor Government will increase our investment in the Territory’s industry body designed to attract and support the creation of film, television and digital media in the nation’s capital. 

This $350,000 per year commitment, an increase of $100,000, to ScreenACT is recognition of the fantastic work the body has done recently to attracting filmmakers to Canberra. This includes hit television shows The Code, and Secret City and Jo Cinque, a feature film supported by ScreenACT which reached the Toronto Film Festival for the first time.  

ACT Labor will provide longer term support for Screen ACT – committing to a three year funding agreement.

The investment is also part of the ACT Labor’s plans to diversify the local economy as the Federal Liberal Government continues to cut jobs in the public service. Screen and digital content screens have been identified as future growth areas for the ACT – with the goal to position Canberra as the location of choice for low to medium budget commercial screen projects.

In addition, a re-elected Government will allow screen productions to access grants from the ACT Government to facilitate locally developed projects and businesses. This will attract more and more productions to the Territory.

I’m confident that, with this funding commitment, Canberra can continue to attract and retain local and international film making talent. The funding will help to build a more sustainable film and television production industry in the national capital – which showcases our city to a broad audience.

I was pleased to make this commitment at the launch of the Canberra International Film Festival, where many local productions will be showcased this year.