ACT Government announces new Fulbright scholarship

Today in Washington I announced that the ACT Government will fund a new Fulbright Scholarship, which each year will allow a Canberra resident to travel to the US, or will see an American resident bring their knowledge to Canberra.

A critical part of the scholarship is for recipients to bring their applied learning back to Canberra, or for Canberra to benefit from the knowledge and expertise of innovative Americans.


The scholarship will be delivered in partnership with the Australian – American Fulbright Commission, which promotes education and cultural exchange between Australia and the United States, to strengthen the relationship we enjoy between both countries, and to foster bilateral partnerships and connections.


The Fulbright program has a rich history and legacy, and is focused on educational excellence. There have been almost 5,000 Australian and American Fulbright Scholars supported in the Commission’s 66 year history.


The new ACT scholarship will likely be focussed on innovation and entrepreneurship, which aligns with our goal of supporting Canberra to continue to grow as a smart and vibrant city. Details will be worked out with the Fulbright Commission over the coming weeks as the broad outlines have been agreed with the Fulbright Board.


Fostering innovation and entrepreneurship is high on the ACT Government’s agenda, and this scholarship will help local or American scholars to contribute to our city’s growing reputation in these fields.


Sponsoring the ACT Fulbright scholarship also aligns with our business development strategy, Confident and Business Ready, which seeks to build Canberra’s reputation internationally as well as develop our higher education and research sector.


The ACT Government’s partnership with the Australian – American Fulbright Commission is a fantastic example of our city’s engagement with the United States and our commitment to positioning Canberra as an innovative global city.


Dr Tangerine Holt, Executive Director of the Australian-American Fulbright Commission, says this partnership is a welcome opportunity.


“The Australian-American Fulbright Commission and Board of Directors welcomes this partnership as a strategic opportunity to build long lasting relationships between the ACT and American people through a shared focus on innovation and entrepreneurship exchange,” Dr Holt said.


The ACT Fulbright Scholarship will be funded for an initial three year period, with the 2017 scholar to be announced in late 2016. Fulbright scholarships will be open in May 2016.